any voices that have risen in recent years to predict the demise of the book. However, in the era of internet and telecommunications, where time is one of the most precious , yet there are many who believe that slow and deliberate pleasure experienced when one is immersed in the pages of a book is not comparable with the coldness and distance that transmit the screen of a computer or the latest technology .

If we look back 1000 years ago, the reality was quite different. The books were true works whose production craft employed several years and required them to engage in body and soul. The book has grown and evolved in parallel with our society, as part of our history.

So, in Medieval Europe, the monks were the authors of most of the manuscripts. In the silence of the monasteries diligently copied texts, a task they spent a lot of time and skill. Once the work of copyists, illuminators went into action that provided the wealth and beauty features of these codices, turning every issue into a work of art.

The parchment was the quintessential media used. The preparation process was arduous and lasted for several weeks. Logically the codices were written by hand , using bird feathers, goose being the most used and writing instruments made from reeds.

In short, a very tiring job, but done with great care and dedication .

Kings, princes, high-born characters, both civil and religious life, had the financial means to enrich their libraries with these manuscripts. Manuscripts which have served to preserve and disseminate all the wisdom hitherto known .

Orbis Mediaevalis is a company born in the XXI century , whose purpose is to rescue those who have fallen asleep bibliographical treasures over the centuries scattered throughout the best libraries and museums in the world: French National Library, National Library of Spain, National Library Russian, British Library, Pierpont Morgan, Hermitage, Municipal Library of Lyon, Municipal Library of Valenciennes ...

Our main objective is to obtain a copy identical to the original , combining advanced technological resources with traditional craft processes. The work is subject to an aging process in order to reproduce the current conservation status of the manuscript. The tears and scuffs that presents original are faithfully reproduced, as well as texture and color. Orbis Mediaevalis, with his work tries to rescue something much more important: a piece of our history and soul of those monks who with exemplary devotion dedicated their lives to books. So Orbis Mediaevalis not limited to reproduce works of art, but his works are considered as works of art in themselves.

From these pages we invite you to embark on a fascinating journey that will lead them to the mysterious and alluring world of the Middle Ages through a tour of the most beautiful illuminated manuscripts, rare and valuable medieval artistic heritage.

But if you are bibliophiles, book lovers par excellence, we challenge them to continue this journey beyond these pages, giving them the opportunity to feel the joy that those kings, princes and knights experienced to get their hands on these precious codices.

All of our facsimile consist of a single edition, numbered and limited , authenticated by a notary, as well as an explanatory study performed by the best specialists in the field.

We hope that the following pages approach them get a little closer to medieval wisdom and awaken their interest. If so, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly offer you all the information we request. Best regards,

Orbis Mediaevalis


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